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Unusual And Cool Beds You’ve Never Seen Before (MUST READ)

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We’re looking at a hundred thousand dollar beam that comes with its own built-in TV and frame that grows around it.

Credit to Bored Panda

that is actually pretty cool that even levitates upwards

would you guys spend a hundred thousand dollars on a beer ?

 I’d probably give it a try …

i’m not gonna lie how you a lazy person more than this beat is a perfect beer for you for you …

it makes this house like … Kaboom!!!

it’s just like a tire robot maintain your being I was scary that a whole word what makes you being.

Credit To ShuuterStock

I found this clip with these guys don’t a water beat prank in a public mall so when people go down to try the beard not gonna fall in …

yes that’s not funny kitchen made her angry be ospina intubate…

this is so cool to wait Eddie’s a big perfect…

Credit Image to IMGUR

Oh you can have a ginormous fish tank around your beers yeah that actually looks pretty little you can actually see how quick look at the fishies know when a hundred percent I would definitely try this out another beard for lazy people

it’s pretty much a beard that you can completely slip up I don’t know the point of it but you can zip it up so pretty much you can just laying it in the day and then zip it up when you’re done.

Credit To Shutterstock

now what would this video be without a cute doggy beard video look at this how  he sleeps have you ever wondered how spacemen sleep well this is how they sleep the most awkwardest sweetest way possible

don’t think I’d want to be a space managers that’s not a beard my man..

that’s not a beard my man,  he’s like we’re in a cucumber over him  just to get to sleep guys so this is a beaten sylars truck right here.

let me just say he has a bit of bedroom and I do look at this as comes with a microwave or air conditioning fridges TVso cooler I’d love to sleep on this. so cooler.

I’d love to sleep on this truck …

I didn’t think I’d be out of funny bit of beers but apparently I could lettuce y’all gotta sit up at he look at this this is Tana always be my dream

should I sleep on a bus when I can do it ?

these are buses that you can actually like sleep in like a hotel and everyone house I sleeps in these little tiny cubicles sir !!!

cool …

this is not the space you could get a mirror you’re like a little charging area

it’s just so like cute size I found this and I have to admit this is the coolest kids beat evidence a double bum.

SO guys, thank you for reading this article…

I hope you feel entertain with this post and you can imply these crazy beds to your living spaces

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