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How to Measure a Coffee Table (4 Steps With Pictures)

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Do you want perfect a coffee table dimensions? What do you want? What do you do?

Research? Shopping?

Finally you’re staring at your purchase in confusion, right? am i?

Your Coffee Table Dimensions doesn’t match the room , too small or too big?

so, don’t worry because in this article , i will give you a guide to measuring and calculate your dimensions by reading our coffee table measuring guide below, stay tune.

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Coffee Table Placement

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Some people fantasizing about their coffee table to fit and match¬† in their living space, some dreams about luxury coffee table then all their dreams and fantasizing just go away like dust when their coffee table doesn’t fit in their room, boom …

To avoid this situation, we promise you that our method can solve your coffee table dimensions problem


  • Mark prospective locations with your painters tape to see estimated scale of the coffee table in your home and write in your notebook, write !
  • Before you put your painters tape to calculate coffee table dimensions please make sure to jot down your coffee table dimensions (height, width & depth)
  • Also you can read and learn about our coffee table dimensions in exact each coffee table product (specifications)

Coffee Table Height

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Imagine that you have a coffee table and it doesn’t have same size with your sofa? oh, crush …

so make sure you actually measure the height and width will exactly matched with your desire coffee table. Everybody doesn’t want a coffee table higher than the seat height of your lovely furniture.

Also imagine that all the bruises have blended color with your sofa. Plus, that height difference would just be “crush”.

For your information that a proper height for your desire coffee table is generally have the same height between 1 or 2 inch lower that your sofa.

Coffee Table Length

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if you don’t take this into your consideration, your lovely days will be stretching to reach the popcorn.

More less space you have, more less space you will have for your desire coffee table accents, if your prospective coffee table cluttered with only a few accents, please go bigger.

Long table can easily overpower in your desire living space. Thus an over-scaled coffee table could compete with it’s complement seating and sure, no wants that happen.

Your lovely coffee table should never be the same length as the main sectional that is paired with, so over-scaled your desire coffee table limit traffic flow and write the precious leg stretching room,


Coffee Table Width

Height and length are the most important factors to consider your potential table, it will also helps you to plan your coffee table width as well

The most common industry agree that coffee table width is roughly 18 inches.

Coffee table width always determined by how much exactly space can be afforded to walking space around the coffee table.

If you can provide at least 16″ of your space around from each side of your coffee table, just go with the coffee table industry recommended size width of 18″

Bottom Line

Always make sure that your coffee table dimensions have same dimensions or less 1 or 2 inch with your furniture around.



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