Living Room Around an Antique Collection (Step By Step With Pic)

By | May 12, 2019
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When most articles have a tendency to focus on designing the living room around a specific item of furniture or a specific color, this article is going to teach you about constructing a living space around a classic collection.

To keep things in perspective, we’ll be discussing a true collection, instead of merely a couple of small items which are the exact same or similar fashions, and also how to design your living room around the collection and attain balance and flow through space and outside. The classic collection is usually the living room’s focal point, irrespective of placement, and also the fundamental idea is to produce a feeling of design management around that focal point.

Most such collections could be explained as either large or small, depending on the number and size of items in the room. We will devote a while talking about the two possibilities, so you will have a better idea of how to develop the decor style in the room around the right size and style. Below are a few pointers that will assist you to design a fantastic and elegant living space around your large or small collection.

A Large Antique Collection

A large selection can mean three or more substantial furniture pieces or several smaller bits which constitute a particular antique collection. For instance, in the first instance, you may have a matching classic coffee table, end tables, and bookshelf at a set. In the second scenario, you might choose to show a whole curio cabinet filled with antique collectibles or knick-knacks. In any event, designing the room around a larger collection often presents a larger challenge.

Start by placing the set in the area of the living room you need to use, and then begin directing the bulk of the attention to all those bits. Spotlights and furniture positioning help produce focal points, and also the construction of the living area around a collection constitutes the addition of particular focal points together with that collection. Organize other accessories and furniture so the focus goes to your collection and not as much toward another supporting bit.

A Small Antique Collection

Even a tiny antique collection could be described as fewer or two big antique pieces, often fitting smaller objects throughout the living space, or a small collection of small items in a little display case or cabinet. Displaying a small classic collection is very straightforward, and designing the space around the little collection is simple for many people.

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Use supporting colors and accessories which direct the eye to the collection without overpowering it. Typically, the antique collection will finish the appearance chosen for space, instead of the other way around, and it becomes your job to find different accessories and colors that balance the antique with the modern look you are achieving. The main focus should still be on the classic collection, with a supporting collection of accessories, sunglasses, and furniture.

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