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Knowing How TO Make Coasters (Pic + Steps)

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Hey there welcome to DIY projects with Tantao today we’re going to make some coasters, this is a fun and simple project and they make great gifts you can see here I used some old maps to make some coasters I did one of South South Dakota where I grew up a little town called Aberdeen then I have one of Lincoln Nebraska where I went to school so I have a part of the south eastern eastern part of the state and then Bozeman Montana where I live right now but you clippings pictures from magazines anything basically that you can think of that’s flat

you can put on a coaster …

so let’s look at some of  the supplies you’ll need for today’s project for supplies…

Honestly, you’re going to need your design some Mod Podge a sealer and some felt pads

Credit to homeedit.com

What you need to prepare & what you need to do:

You can use some rubbing alcohol or just some water postcards ski trail maps golf course scorecards travel tickets and other memorabilia are some additional ideas to use as coaster designs rough.

Cut the designs using a scissors and then cut them down to size since my tiles are 4 inches by 4 inches I cut the designs to about three and a half inches by three and a half inches you can use a scissors or a craft cutting tool for this process.

we’ll set the tile down on some paper towels and then apply a real thin coat of Mod Podge to the top this is going to act as the adhesive so that our design sticks on it.

Once it’s centered, you kind of push from the inside out to get any air bubbles. and if you’re having any troubles getting some of the air bubbles out, you can always use a squeegee of some sort or even a roller we’re going to let that cure for about 20 minutes on these  traverse tiles.

Beautiful fel-coster that you can try in your living space

I like to kind of jab in all the areas to fill in the holes so that everything is sealed.

after the adhesive is cured just make sure there aren’t any bubbles in it you.

sure there aren’t any bubbles in it you can kind of press them out if you need to and then we’re just going to apply a couple thin coats of the mod spots and it does dry clear there will be some real small ridges but they’re hardly noticeable and probably you will be the the only one that PCM.

I’m just going to do the sides as well while we’re at it.

I went on a trip with under-30 experiences went down to Costa Rica had blast and so I’m going to cut a little square of some of the places that I visited.

here we’re applying the second coat of Mod Podge to the top of the coasters.

and if you do see any little bubbles because sometimes they will form you can just kind of push them out and it’s not a big deal then we’ll do one last coat nice and thin.

you can see you can kind of mass-produce these if you need to make a lot of gifts in a quick amount of time apply two coats of clear spray sealer to the bottom portion of the tile to the sides and to the top this is going to give the coasters a nice finished look that is durable and waterproof.

Lastly add some felt pads to the bottom side of each coaster.

that’s all …

there is to it enjoy your new DIY coasters or gift them to a friend or family member this is a super simple project I know you can tackle for the complete supplies list and detailed  instructions 

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