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Famous Living Walls Around The World You Should Know And Visit

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Living walls are frequently used to enhance the appearance of a building and provide a stunning facade.

Listed below are a couple of examples of some famous green walls from all over the world.

  1. Van Gough Wall – The National Gallery – London

The National Gallery at London’s Trafalgar Square delighted vacationers in 2011 with a Van Gogh motivated green wall’ Excitingly, once the crops grew and became more recognized, the picture became even more visible. The wall incorporated above 8000 plants and was located immediately outside the gallery itself. It took only 3 days to put in and stayed in place during the summertime.



2. Musee du Quai Branly – Paris

Founded in 2005, this vertical backyard wall covers 4 tales and 8600 square ft of the wall, in fact, the whole northwest. It is the prominent location (on the banks of the Seine near the Eiffel Tower), which makes this example among the very famous (and most photographed) residing walls in the world.

3. Semiahmoo Library Green Wall – Vancouver

The Semiahmoo library at Vancouver, Canada, is the biggest of its type in North America. The plan firm aimed to promote’butterflies, bees and hummingbirds’ into the area. The wall was installed in 2010 and continues to flourish and delight.

4. Caixa Forum – Madrid

Installed on the side of the old powerhouse, the vertical garden wall of the Caxia Forum is four stories high and contains 15,000 plants. Now a modern art gallery and museum, the building contrasts the green of the wall using the rusted iron onto the surrounding roof, to offer a dramatic landscape within this cultural Spanish hotspot.

5. Crystal Cruises Living Wall

Amazingly, living walls have made their way onto the high seas, in the form of a green wall onboard a cruise ship. The wall steps 37.7 feet by 7.9 ft with its layout integrating, very fittingly, a map of the world.

6. Hampton Court Flower Show & Chelsea Flower Show

In the last few years, green walls and vertical gardens have become a normal feature of the main horticultural displays, including Chelsea and Hampton Court. Many show gardens feature living partitions heavily. As a rule, as soon as they have appeared at Chelsea, it is merely a matter of time before they begin appearing in back gardens throughout the land.

WHILE PLANTS AND vines have constantly grown on walls of their own accord — and the idea of nurturing this type of growth dates back to the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon — vertical gardens as we view them today did not really hit the scene before the early 1990s. Ever since then, they’ve been improving air quality and adding some pure attractiveness to cities and urban areas across the world.

Swanky resort located across from Royal Green Park in Mayfair, The Athenaeumdoes not just offer you five-star appointments inside its luxurious walls: a sprawling green facade covering 10 floors of the hotel’s exterior brings the eye of almost any passer-by.

The living garden, created by Patrick Blanc in 2009, is a mixture of both native and exotic plant species and leads to a more biodiverse city. Bright green and wild, the living wall in The Athenaeum is a welcome sight in the London urban landscape.

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