Five Easy Ways to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget

By | August 12, 2019
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So that you found an apartment and now you want to make it seem like a home without paying a fortune. The signature white walls and overhead lighting in some rental properties leave much to be wanted and decorating can be a struggle when your options are restricted by rental rules.

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So, what’s a tenant with design and a little budget to perform? Whether your taste is traditional, diverse, chic or kitschy it is likely to create a desirable living room on without spending a fortune when you use a little bit of imagination. Here are five ways to decorate your flat on a budget.

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1. Decide on your color scheme and stick to it to give your flat a polished appearance. Blending colors that contrast with white walls can make space feel more spacious. Cool colors such as turquoise, green-blue, and purple may make a room feel more spacious and refined. Warm colors such as orange, yellow, and red can make space seem intimate and cozy.

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2. Make your windows a work of art. There are numerous ways to creatively dress up your windows without it costing a fortune.

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Before you begin, measure your windows (starting from where you may install the curtain pole ).

This Can Help You determine how much material you will need (consult with a local fabric store That Will Help You Ascertain How Much fabric you will need for this particular project)

2. Bring in place rugs to add more color. If you’re decorating on a budget, an area rug (or two ) is a huge purchase. Look for bargains online and in discount stores such as IKEA, thrift shops or resale websites such as eBay or CraigsList.

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Once you find the right carpet that fits in with your color scheme, set the rug in the center of the area to frame your space. Choose light and practical furniture (if at all possible ).

3. Chances are, you probably don’t have a budget to purchase new furniture. For many of us apartment dwellers, our furniture chooses us to inherit pieces from our family members. Despite popular belief, you don’t want as much furniture as you believe.

4. Rental properties typically don’t have a lot of room that you work together and storage is often a challenge.

5. Cover those standard white walls and ceiling lights with DIY artwork notions!

Upper West Side Apartments – Find Apartments in All Budget Ranges

The Upper West Side apartments are considered to be among the most highly coveted places in Manhattan for anyone. The neighborhood runs from 59th to 110th Street and from the Central Park West to Hudson River.

This is mainly a family neighborhood that has several parks, schools and many family-friendly activities to offer. If you are looking for a neighborhood that provides you close proximity to schools as well as to activities for the entire family then this is one of the best parts of Manhattan. In the past few years, Upper West Side had not been as developed but there has been an increase in the number of restaurants that can be found here recently. This provides several great benefits to its residents.

Choices in All Budget Ranges

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Perhaps one of the best things about Upper West Side apartments is that you will be able to find apartments in all budget ranges in the area. The population that can generally be found here consists of older residents, families and young singles. The residential options available here consist mainly of townhouse walkups and high rise luxury doorman buildings. You will also be able to find several affordable apartments in all budgets around the neighborhood. Some of the most expensive residential options in this area can be found along Hudson River, Riverside Drive, Lincoln Centre and on the Central Park West. If you don’t really mind spending a bit then these luxury apartments would really be worth considering since they offer all the modern amenities that you may want from an apartment.

Several Things To Do

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One of the main advantages of selecting Upper West Side apartments is that they offer a huge variety of things to do and several great cultural options. Lincoln Centre and the Museum of Natural History are located here. If you love to cook then the Fairway Market, Whole Foods and Citarella outlets can be found here. During the weekends, the area has various farmers’ markets that are quite popular. The Central Park tennis courts are very popular with the residents during the summer months. The Boat Basin Café located on 79th street is also a very popular location for drinks and food.

This family-friendly neighborhood offers its residents several great choices in apartments in all budget ranges. Whether you are looking for an affordable walkup or a luxury doorman building, you will be able to easily find one in this neighborhood. There are several things to do and amenities that are available in this area which makes it very convenient for the residents. The Upper West Side apartments are great choices for families as well as young professionals.


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