3 Easy Ways To Design A Living Room Optimized For Social Interaction

By | August 12, 2019
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Designing a living room starts with the main purpose of the space. In many homes, rooms are designed around entertainment rather than socializing. Those who often entertain might find that the living room is not an appropriate space for their social interactions. Fortunately, it is possible to design a living room that will make it possible to discuss and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Hiding the TV

The first part of optimizing social interactions is placing furniture that hides the TV so that when it is not in use it is also not the main feature of the space. Television is often a challenging element of any living room because space often arranges furniture for improved viewing rather than entertaining.

Room Living-room Furniture Sofa Couch

The best way to avoid putting the TV as the center of the living room is by placing it so that will easily hide rather than putting it in the central location. Instead of centralizing a TV, consider putting art or a fireplace in the centralized area to invite conversation and interest.

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Arranging the Seating

The seating in a room that is optimized for social interaction must have more seats and arrange the chairs and couches so that conversation is easy. Depending on space availability and the options for improving the home seating, it is possible to change the design based on improved functioning.

In general, the couch forms the center of the space. Chairs or recliners are best placed along the sides on both sides of the couch to create symmetry and easier conversation in the space. In the best situation, the chairs or recliners should angle slightly toward the couch so that it is easier to look at each individual in the eye while talking. When the goal of the space is social interaction, the best way to design the seating is ensuring that conversation is possible.


In some rooms, placing two couches facing each other or placing the recliners and chairs to face the couch directly will also work. This is best used when the couch is placed sideways in the room rather than centered on the fireplace, TV or artwork.

Small Tables

Small side tables and a central table in front of the couch also invite more social interaction by providing spaces to place a glass or snacks while enjoying the company of friends and family. The small tables also provide a place to put lamps for added lighting that will allow conversation that carries forward into the evening and nighttime hours.

Room Living-room Furniture Sofa Couch


The tables add interest and function to space for better conversation while enjoying the relaxation invited by a living room. In most living rooms, two small side tables and central table are best to avoid over-crowding while also inviting the conversation and function of the room.

Setting up a living room so that it is possible to interact with guests and family requires taking steps to invite conversation and avoid the potential distractions. The best designs will hide the TV when it is not in use and will ensure that the seating arrangements are placed for improved conversation among the guests, homeowners, and family who are visiting.


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