Cleaning Up Your Garden


Garden cleaning

The traditional equipment for cleaning the territories gradually gives way to high-tech specialized equipment, with the help of which large areas (as well as small areas) are cleaned many times faster. I am talking about such devices as a garden vacuum cleaner, blower, etc. Devices that are characterized by a fairly straightforward principle of operation not only reduce the labor costs of their owners, but also allow for cleaning, regardless of the season.

In addition, the powerful airflow produced by the equipment is capable of beneficially affecting the plants and the soil, giving them oxygen and saving them from the mechanical damage characteristic of using traditional equipment. Next, I will tell you how to choose the right blower for your garden, making conclusions based on reviews on forums, reviews, ratings, and, of course, current yen and calculations.

We remove with the help of air

The essence of the garden vacuum cleaner is that the motor drives the impeller. As it revolves, it sucks in a stream of air from a wide opening, forcing it into a narrow one. If there is a grate on a wide opening, and a pipe on a narrow opening, then a blower is obtained. To get a vacuum cleaner, a bag is put on a narrow opening – a collector of suction material, and a socket is screwed on a wide one. Such a unit successfully sucks the leaves and debris, accumulating it in the collection bag.

On this basis, it is clear that the garden vacuum cleaner works in two modes:

  • blowing {blower).
  • blowing and blowing (vacuum cleaner).

Very carefully examine the presence of these modes in the specifications. The fact is that some firms produce tools only with blowing function. Such a vacuum cleaner is cheap, of high quality, it is convenient for them to sweep leaves from tracks (especially with sand or gravel), to blow small blades of grass in hard-to-reach places.

Practically, this is a broom with a motor, but it is impossible to attach a socket to it and absorb garbage. But you can change the various nozzles that are included in the package of high-quality and convenient blowers from Japanese companies Hitachi, Makita, Maruyama, or other equally well-known brands: Husqvarna, IKRA Mogatec.

If you plan to clean a large flat lawn, paved or asphalt tracks, then turn on the vacuum cleaner mode, and if the tracks are sandy, or the ground is very dry, then it is better to work in the blowing mode, because the tool can become clogged with sand and dust.

Multifunctional vacuum cleaners have a third mode – chopping. This is a very useful feature, which allows several times to reduce the amount of garbage in the collection bag and save time on its unloading.

As a result of grinding, you get excellent mulch for decorative paths or raw materials for fertilizers. Note that the shredder function is present exclusively on gasoline models. They have an asterisk in front of the impeller, additional shredding foliage. On models with one pipe – blown, in connection with the simplified design, there is no grinding sprocket.

In order to benefit from the presented tool as long as possible, it is necessary to carefully select such equipment, based on the volume and complexity of the upcoming harvesting and the technical characteristics of the unit.

Before you start choosing a garden vacuum cleaner, you need to clearly define the following things for yourself:

  • the size of the cleaned area and its distance from the house;
  • the type of garbage collected (grass, leaves, branches, coarse trash);
  • pollution volume and frequency of cleaning;
  • the ability to carry heavy equipment over long distances.

Also gardener should pay attention to:

  • engine power (at least 2400 W);
  • bag size (35 l – the best option)
  • the length of the suction tube (so that the back and arms do not get tired when working).

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