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7 Effective Tips On Kitchen Lighting

7 Effective Tips On Kitchen Lighting

Whether you use  your kitchen to create quick on-the-go meals or if you love to spend time  baking, cooking, and whipping up delicious food, kitchen lighting is an  important element of any home design. Without the proper kitchen lighting, any  type of preparation done in the kitchen can be difficult and a hassle to do.

If you want to have  a convenient and cozy kitchen, you have to consider the kitchen lighting you  use. Don’t worry since there are many ways on how you can light up your kitchen  according to your preference. Here are seven tips for efficient kitchen  lighting:

  • Because a lot of light throughout kitchen surfaces is important, recessed lighting is a good way to spread light all throughout while taking up very minimal space. The added benefit to recessed kitchen       lighting is that you can aim the light where you need it the most, such as       when you are working on countertops, kitchen sinks, etc.
  • You can also have the option of using dimmers for light fixtures, which can add mood and ambiance to the kitchen at various times of the day. Additionally, your bulbs will last longer when dimmed and will also       cut down your electricity bill. Dim lights are also excellent in case you       have plans of having a romantic dinner for two, right in your kitchen.
  • If you prefer to have stronger light to focus on a certain area while working in the kitchen, pendant kitchen lighting makes a good choice as well as an elegant source of decor.
  • You will also want to look out for types of in-cabinet kitchen lighting which will make looking for equipment and food products in your cupboards much easier. If you have glass-paneled cabinets, this type of       kitchen lighting will also add a great flow of soft light and ambiance       throughout the kitchen.
  • Under-cabinet lighting is essential to efficiently lighting up your countertops, which is where most time is usually spent in the kitchen. You can also choose to add this later on in your kitchen design phase, as it       is very easy to install and comes in very inexpensive models. There are       many types of bulbs that are ideal for kitchen use, but incandescent and       halogen lights are the most suitable choices for under-cabinet lighting.
  • If you have an eating area within your kitchen, drop-down ceiling lights make a good choice for adding kitchen lighting to the table. They can be big and provide dimmer light for use nearer to the table, or higher       to the ceiling with a stronger light effect. Choosing the proper lighting       for dining in the kitchen can also be chosen according to the number of       people who will usually dine, or the size of the table.
  • A great yet stylish alternative to ceiling-mounted illumination over a countertop are monorail kitchen lighting. These types of lighting are suspended from the ceiling and often give the impression that light is       floating in air. They are also hand bendable, making them very easy to       work with.

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